Just Follow [English Version]

I wrote some English lyrics for Hyuna’s Just Follow cause I really like this song. As for the live performances, well that’s another story. I sandwiched it between the original version and it’s at 1:35-3:00 of the vid. FYI, this isn’t the English translation for Just Follow. I wrote this with Hyuna rapping it in mind so I only did her part. I kept the English parts from the Korean version and tried to incorporate it with the English lyrics and hopefully, it would sound cool or whatever hurhur. Anyway, I hope you’ll like it.

Verse 1
They call me H Y U N to the A
All the haters to the left, all you bitches give way
Everybody bow down and pay respect to the queen
Or Imma give it to you, Imma give it to you
You say my fame is only 10 minutes? 4Minute
Is the motherfuckin’ truth
So get get with it
No matter what you do when you see me you won’t be ready
Beautiful, sexy, hot, pretty
Yeah, I bet you want some of this
Whole lotta ladies have none of this
CUBE’s OG, I’m the one and only HyunA
Sexiest badass rapper from Korea
None of this hos can make it hot like I do (just keep it juicy, baby)
Imagine me
Imagine you were me, I can’t it’s too funny
So get the fuck away
And listen carefully

Everything I do I drop it ’til I touch the sky
Everywhere I go I make it hot like I’m on fire
Just follow me, I got what you want


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