Chuseok in Korea with 4Minute (Hopefully)

Hey everyone. So I’m going to Korea once again, this time to celebrate Chuseok and eat all the rice cakes I can. Those treats are so addicting for real. Anyway, just like before, I’m going to drop by Cube building to give 4Minute some cheap gifts. So since I’m having a limited budget for this one, there is no way I can compete with this or this. Therefore, the plan is to buy some tasty rice cakes or one huge cake for all, a bouquet of flowers, or maybe individual ones for each member, and I’m planning to make a customized shirt as an advanced birthday gift for Jiyoon and another one as a belated gift for Sohyun. With that in mind, me and a few good Filipino 4Nias from have decided to write letters/cards to give 4Minute.  There are also plans in the future to create some kind of a donation pool in case one of us plans to go to Korea in the foreseeable future (hopefully, I’ll be back there in January around Namji’s birthday).

So if you’re from the Philippines and you want to participate in this project by sending a letter or card (English or Korean), just reply to this thread and I’ll see if I can still accommodate you. If not, just save it until the next trip. It would be really great if we can let 4Minute feel that they are wanted here in the Philippines. Remember that 4Minute is the first group to hold a mall tour here, and it was free! And during that time, I was really happy to see the turnout of those events because a lot of people really came and supported the group. I know a lot of (more popular) Kpop groups have been in the Philippines since then but I hope you still have a place for 4Minute in your Kpop hearts.

I’m expecting less than 10 letters to bring to the girls this time but I hope next time, more 4Nias will participate and send their fan letters to 4Minute. Also, pray that I get to meet them when I drop by Cube, OK? Although pics are not allowed, I’ll try to see what I can get as proof shot. Maybe an autograph, stolen shots or even better, one of them might post our gifts on their twitter accounts. So I hope next time, you can send your letters (Christmas/New Year wishes, hopefully) in time. And if you plan on donating, wow, thank you very much! I’m sorry I won’t be able to bring huge gifts with me, but if you want me to buy something specific for the girls for your donation, I’ll buy it in Seoul instead.

Thank you!


If you’re wondering why we’re doing this on our own instead of collaborating with people from 4Minute PH, I have been informed that forum is as good as dead.


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