9 responses to “A Fan Account: Happy 2nd Anniversary 4Minute!!

  1. Whoa so lucky! I’ve been wondering about the address change a while. I sent some fanmail to Jiyoon and in the time it was in the post, the CUBE address changed. Do you think it would’ve reached her anyway or is it lost forever?

    • heechulisnotgay oppa

      As long as you got the address right, it should reach her. Some 4nias send their gifts to 4minute through mail too anyway.

  2. Ahh I hope you’re right. I sent some English candy and a portrait of Jiyoon that I drew myself. I was sure it’d be lost in Korean post forever since they changed address.

    Seriously though, how did you guys not die of happiness when you got to meet Jiyoon? So much envy…

    • heechulisnotgay oppa

      I died and got resurrected haha. Try to address it to CUBE Entertainment next time then just put a note or letter inside that says the gifts are for Jiyoon. Just to be sure.

  3. If I remember right I wrote ‘FAO 4Minute management’ with CUBE Entertainment on the line below. I feel inspired to send something else now haha.

    Sorry for the random on this blog by the way, Gain picspam brought me here!

  4. are u sure if ji yoon like that?
    she so different if what u said was true.

    • heechulisnotgay oppa

      Maybe she was tired or not confident with her English. But Hyuna and Sohyun seemed friendlier than her in person.

  5. i think like that so.because she really friendly and funny in real show

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