Happy 21st Birthday Nam JiHyun!!!

Yesterday Today (I started this post on January 9, but it’s already past midnight WTF!) was is the 21st (22nd in Korean age) birthday of 4Minute’s leader Nam JiHyun. And I couldn’t have made a better GIF than this one I found via tumblr.

Happy 21st Birthday Goddess NamJi!!!! ♥♥♥♥

credit: dontbesillyboy

It’s been a very fruitful 2010 for NamJi, and 4Minute in general. First, 4Minute held its first Asian tour with stopovers in the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan. Then in May, the group released its sophomore album, Hit Your Heart, and even won a mutizen at M!Countdown. The girls also officially debuted in Japan last year, ahead of KARA and SNSD, and released their first ever full album (DIAMOND) there as well as various mini-albums that had different versions for each.

The girls also became very popular in Thailand last year, visiting the country at least three times. And as for NamJi, she officially debuted as an actress with a short cameo, along with the rest of 4Minute, in High Kick through the Roof, and then had a significant supporting role in It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl. Heck, she now even has a d-wiki page. She’s even appeared on the silver screen already! She and HyunAh had a small cameo (as 4Minute members themselves) in the film Midnight FM.

Then there were the OSTs for big-hit Korean dramas such as God of Study (as well as its Japanese version Dragon Zakura),Personal Taste and Fugitive: Plan B, just to name a few. I also have to mention that 4Minute was also one of the top-earning CF stars for 2010.

So yeah, in retrospect, it was still a good year for both Nam JiHyun and 4Minute. I’m sure they grew and gained lots of experience from everything they went through last year, which makes me even more excited about their come back next month. So again, Happy Birthday to 4Minute’s beloved leader Nam JiHyun and more power to 4Minute!!! 4Minute forever!!! ♥♥♥♥


I guess, this is the JiHyun-dedicated post I was supposed to make from way way back. Haha.


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