[SCANS] 4Minute’s Shoemarker Calendar + HQ Links

So I returned from Korea before Christmas. Gonna post instructions and a map how to reach Cube’s building, as well as JYPE and SME. But for now, Imma share scans from my 4Minute Shoemarker 2011 calendar. Yes!!! So happy!!! Got it from the Shoemarker at Itaewon. I think the one at Myeong-dong is the flagship one cause the girls shot the CFs and photoshoots there.

The link for the HQ version (~2500 x 2000) can be found here. Click the images below for the full 1000 x 790 version. Still pretty good.



4Minute's Shoemarker 2011 Calendar


One of my favorite pics from this calendar but super photoshop fail.


It's still supposed to be called during this month though.


This pic was from way back in 2009.


Except NamJi, where are you girls looking at?


Same outfits as the ones in the October page.


I'm guessing HyunAh has a bigger shot here because it's her birth month.


I would've preferred to see them in swimsuits for this summer month.


Probably the sexiest pic in this calendar, especially SoHyun.


Spot the fail.


So I guess October is a good time to do some hiking or something.


More fail cropping.


GaYoon's left leg looks so weird, but all of them look so cute in Christmas outfits.

In case you missed it: HQ scans (~2500 x 2000)


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