Stay Classy, Filipinos!

If you’re a Filipino or a Hong Kong national, there’s no way you haven’t heard about the hostage-taking incident of a tourist bus last week. It’s been a week since the tragedy happened, but to many, the wounds from that incident are still fresh, and the repercussions are still ongoing, seemingly to no end.

I know I should probably let this go, and and many of you have probably seen these pics I’m about to post anyway, but what the people in these pics have done are truly of another level in the WTF Meter. So without further adieu…

I guess one pic wasn't enough.

I wonder what school they're from.

I thought cops were supposed to know better? How naïve of me.

From another angle.

CSI (SOCO) 101: The Filipino Way

Are those FEU unis (first pic)? Is that a couple (2nd pic)? Cop is too busy to tell civilians to GTFO (3rd pic).

Stay classy, Filipinos!

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3 responses to “Stay Classy, Filipinos!

  1. If I’m a HKR I wouldn’t know how to react since these pictures are too enraging. As a Filipino I would prefer to shut up than be bashed but I’d rather break my silence cause these pictures are too shameful. How could these people even have the nerve to take pictures of themselves in front of that bus WITH A SMILE? How…insensitive? And naive? Especially PNP and SOCO.

    Wouldn’t blame HKRs that they expressed disgust over us in their news after seeing these.

    Lol what if SWAT team posed here? Hahaha lame-o.

  2. well… that’s how Filipino is… pure ‘bakya’

    but please recall that Filipinos are historians in their own right … and a collectors too… what is more evidence that they are part of history than the picture itself.

    • heechulisnotgay oppa

      It didnt help that some Filipinos did these. I probably would give the civilians the benefit of the doubt, but the authorities too? Don’t they know the magnitude of the incident?

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