HOT ISSUE – 4MINUTE MAGAZINE and The Birth of Boob Idols

I don’t need to mention how hot 4Minute has been ever since they came back. Bias aside, it was the hottest comeback this year. OK, maybe a little bias there. But c’mon now. Be honest. They’re comeback was one of the best this year.

For guy groups, those who show their bodies are called beast idols. For girl groups, I say 4Minute should be called Boob idols.

Not convinced?




I don’t even have to show you Mt. Unnie’s. But if you insist…


of if you would prefer…


After reattaching your jaw, please take out with proper credits: tagged + v4Minute@wordpress + + nakakatamad@wordpress


Now that that’s out of the way, I’m so proud to announce that 4Minute INTL has launched its own magazine, and I’m one of the contributors. Yay!!! Here’s the (unofficial) cover I made.


C’mon now. Tell me that didn’t excite you. This has been out for a couple of weeks now. It’s 40 pages thick filled with 4Minute treats. So if you want a copy of this epic creation, register now and log on to the forum and head to this thread. Tell your friends, family, brother, sister, mother and father about it.

And oh, we’re working on the next edition of this magazine. So, stay tuned.

For the latest 4Minute updates (news, pics and vids):

And mine too of course. Hihi. Most of the vids there are usually fancams that 4MinuteVids didn’t upload.



One response to “HOT ISSUE – 4MINUTE MAGAZINE and The Birth of Boob Idols

  1. yeayy 4minute ❤

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