Updated: (PHOTOSPAM [100P]) 2010! It’s Time for Change: A Kim Hyun Ah Massive Photospam Entry

First posted on 8Jan2010

Hey happy new year everyone!

In celebration of the release of the MV for HyunAh’s solo single CHANGE and in anticipation of her solo debut perf tomorrow on Music Bank, I thought what better way than a HyunAh photospam?! A great way to do my first post of 2010.

Well if you’ve been living under a rock, HyunAh just released a digital single entitled CHANGE last January 4 and here is her sizzling MV.

credit: UrAsianSourceTV

OK. Still breathing? I’m not going to elaborate on how ridiculously hot (can we stop using the word ‘fierce’ already? After all, it is 2010 already) HyunAh was in that video since you’re probably playing the vid again and ignoring the rest of this post. And yeah, JunHyung was pimpin’ in that vid (I wonder how GaYoon felt after seeing HyunAh touch JunHyung like that). But he isn’t the focal point of this blogpost.

Before proceeding with the pics, a belated congratulations to 4minute for winning the New Female Artist Award last January 3 at the Korean Entertainment Art Awards and for having a very successful Cube Showcase. Also, advanced happy birthday to 4minute’s beloved leader Nam JiHyun on January 9.

Anyway, here are some of the sexiest, cutest and hottest HyunAh pics in my stash right now. Excuse me for not putting captions on all of them because I’m too lazy a bit preoccupied right now. One more thing. Since I used photobucket in uploading most of these pics, PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK so others can enjoy HyunAh’s sexiness. Click to enlarge.

Bootyshaking to Mister @ the 2009 KBS Entertainment Awards

Tattoo! @ the 2010 Asia Model Awards without Nam JiHyun

Vegemil BTS. Pyong pyong~

@ Star Golden Bell 16Jan10

@ B2ST Showcase 2009

Covering Wonder Girls' Tell Me with 4minute.

Don't they look a like?

Sexiest chest popper in the biz right now.

Impervious to rain.

A killer gaze.

Aah, the good old days. Some Sohee-HyunAh love.

Poor girls @ Open Concert 2009.

WG days hosting Music Core with Sohee and Brian of FTTS (I think)

More WG maknae love. HyunAh-SunMi

Just look at those legs!

During her cover of Ivy's A-ha. How do you like her curly look?

Stripping!!! No, really!

What can I say? The girl doesn't get wet.

Her legs are golden.

More Sunmi-HyunAh love.

@ MBC Sweet Girl (Chuseok Special 2009)

Killer abs! She's sooooooooo sexy here.

@ Power of Love Concert 2009

Yeah. That's hot.


Her wet hair made her look even hotter.

@ SBS Idol Big Show 2009. Holy!!

Dancing to Usher's Bad Girl and Beyonce's Deja Vu

If that isn't sexy, I don't know what is.


Mini-album jacket photos


Lulz version by me. Was bored.

A promise of love.

She's even hotter in white.

Too sexy to describe. I think this was for 4tomorrow.


Even this is sexy.


Being normal.


Dancing to LA chA TA @ MAMA 2009

Shoutout @ Jingle Jingle MV

With Sulli for 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun commercial. They're so cute together.


My favorite part in Muzik. @ KBS Music Bank 2009 Christmas Special

Sweet intro pose.

A screencap I took from episode 8 of KBS Invincible Youth. Sunny-HyunAh love.

2Hyun love @ Cube's 2010 Showcase last January 3.

HyunAh is so adorable. Probably trying to steal a kiss again.

Too much cuteness!

@ 2009 KBS Gayo Daejun Hot Issue perf

Sexy stare

Ignoring SoHyun.

Petting SoHyun.

Makes me wanna buy a Sony.

Vegemil CF BTS

Holding hands with JiYoon to escape the Chinese paparazzi.

From episode 7 of KBS Invincible Youth.

Music Core Special

GaYoon checking out HyunAh. Hot Issue encore perf @ Music Core Special.

Jingle Jingle MV BTS

From Jingle Jingle MV

Being bored, but still cute, @ 2009 MAMA


Lulz version by me. Was bored again.

Lucky dude.

Selca time. From her cyworld.


Hanbok selca.

She loves to blow kisses, which makes her even more adorable.

Check out her minihompy @ http://www.cyworld.com/zlaushk.

Weird wig but still cute.


This girl really needs some sleep.

Kinda recent. I think this was during WAGW.Last one. For now.

So that’s it! That’s all I got uploaded for now, but I still have a few that I’ll put up soon.

Well I hope you had fun glazing over the pics of Kpop’s new Sex Goddess (even though she’s just 17, but 19 in Korean age).

So here’s to HyunAh and 4minute. May they be healthy and have more success, variety shows, hit singles, fans and awards in 2010. If you can’t get enough of 4minute, the best place to get your fix is at the international forum. They got all the latest pics, vids and scoops on our favorite sexy girl group 4minute. The best thing about the forum is that there are no 4minute bashers there. It’s a safe haven from all of 4minute’s antis. Well you know these girls have a lot of haters out there. Screw them. They can go drown in a septic tank.

Happy 2010 again everyone!


If you’re in the Philippines right now, just 27 days before 4minute arrives in Manila (most probably)! Aren’t you excited??!! And they’ll be in the Philippines for 5 freaking days!!! Five!!! I’m serious! No kidding!!!


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