(PHOTOSPAM [33P]) 4minute @ Star Golden Bell (16Jan10)

So 4minute appeared on the latest ep of Star Golden Bell. Yeah, all 5 of them! Hoorah!

So I’m posting some caps and clips from that ep just because JiYoon was just too adorable here, but sadly, it seems like she didn’t get to talk much. Well at least all 5 of them were on this show, at the same time. That’s got to count for something right? It’s a pretty big deal (at least to me) that all members were invited in one ep. It’s not like there are only 3 of them in the group. Anyway, here are 4minute’s SGB cuts care of wintersun’s new YT account.

Part 1

Part 2

Besides the girls, Beast’s Doojoon, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Super Junior’s Yesung and Shinee’s Key also appeared on what is shaping up to be the best SGB episode evar!!!

Anyway, one of the interesting stories during the ep was shared by Beast’s funny leader Doojoon. Here’s the quote from 4-minute.com:

For the latest recording of the episode of KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’ which will air on January 16, BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon said, “If we completely reveal our apartment, it will be a disaster.” He also confessed, “Our cleaning lady comes twice a week, but our apartment is so dirty that I can’t look her in the eye.

When HyunAh heard this, she said, “She must be so tired when she comes to clean our home after going to BEAST’s apartment!

Doojoon replied, “Ajummah said, ‘But you guys are still cleaner than girl idols!‘” and made the studio burst into laughter.

Not really a big deal since they’re all still kids, which fans tend to forget sometimes. However, a shocking revelation was brought up by the 4minute girls, particularly leader Nam JiHyun and lead vocalist Heo GaYoon.

HyunAh was picked by the members as the member who washes the least. When 4minute’s leader JiHyun was asked why she picked Hyunah, she said, “Maybe it’s because her schedule is full and she’s tired, but sometimes she falls asleep without washing up.” But she added, “When she wakes up, she washes several times.

GaYoon also said, “HyunAh goes to sleep without washing herself. She wakes up and washes herself really intensely. I think she realizes she’s dirty at that time. Our manager always tells us our room has a weird smell when he comes in. We all wash ourselves and go to bed so we can only think of one person who causes the smell.

Woah. Talk about kicking a girl when she’s down. Well this is what the embarrassed HyunAh had to say about that matter:

I don’t think it’s me. I hope it’s not me.

To salvage her pride, HyunAh brought down the maknae member of 4minute with her when she revealed, “SoHyun’s height is 158cm.
Nice comeback HyunAh and poor maknae. She didn’t even have anything to do with this to begin with. I wonder what JiYoon thought about all this? Hmm. Sounds like a lover’s spat to me. Don’t you think?

illuminate.@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

I can’t wait to watch this with subs in about two weeks also to find out why JiYoon was giggling like a little fan girl. And it would be just in time for 4minute’s tour in Manila. Yaaaa! (By the way, anyone knows if JiYoon wore a skirt here? Pics?)

Anyway, here are some caps from the show brought to you again by 4minute’s baidu bar (click to enlarge). And as usual, no hotlinking please. Enjoy!

SoHyun probably got in tears when HyunAh revealed her height. Hehe.

Back to happiness.


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