(PHOTOSPAM [6P]) Jeon Ji Yoon @ InkiGayo – Should We Get Married with Lisa (17Jan10)

Because I’m too lazy to do some analysis and stuff, I decided to do photospams instead just so I’ll have a reason to update this blog.

So for today’s installment, I’m putting up caps of JiYoon’s perf from last week’s InkiGayo. Yes! JiYoon! And you thought HyunAh was the only 4minute member with activities these days.

Actually, Miryo was the original rapper for Lisa’s song We Should Get Married. And no, I don’t have any info on who Lisa really is. Anyway, since Miryo was unavailable for this performance, 4minute’s all-around talented girl Jeon Ji Yoon was asked to rap Miryo’s lines instead (you should already know by now how talented this girl is, and if not, shame on you!). I’m gonna go assume Miryo recommended JiYoon for the job since these two had already collaborated before.

Based on the practice vid below, it looks like JiYoon had little time to memorize and practice the song because every now and then, she was looking back at the lyrics, which was tacked on the wall. Check out the clip care of uturn.

JiYoon even initiated the heart thing at the end! What a play girl, no?

And here’s the actual perf last Sunday care of chriscorpius6.

So yeah she kinda forgot the lyrics there a little bit during the second verse. And it became very obvious too when she sported that huge smile afterwards. But since I’m biased, I’m gonna say it’s because she had little time to practice. Besides, her cutesy smile afterwards more than made up for that teeny mistake. So anyway, here are some caps from the perf care of 4minute’s baidu bar. Just click the pics to enlarge.

It’s nice to see her with normal-ish hair again. Except for the tiny ponytail at the back, her hairstyle looks sooooooooo cute on her. I hope Lisa would give JiYoon another chance next week. I’m sure JiYoon will deliver a perfect performance this time.

Anyway, here’s the original track with Miryo in case you want to compare. Credit to urnobody191.


2 responses to “(PHOTOSPAM [6P]) Jeon Ji Yoon @ InkiGayo – Should We Get Married with Lisa (17Jan10)

  1. thank you for this. ;P
    thank you for being bias towards ji yoon -4minute.
    thank you.

    >cant wait til they visit Philippines. ;P

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