2009–2010 NBA Season: And So It Begins…


Nuggets 114 - 105 Jazz

So the 2009–2010 NBA Season has officially started, yesterday to be exact. I’ve never really been a fan of predictions, including those that are based from complex calculations. Since I don’t bet on games and no one plays fantasy ball with me, predictions from the so-called “experts” are pretty much useless to me. Heck, even I could tell you that the Lakers, Spurs, Magic, Cavs, Celtics and of course the Nuggets would make the playoffs this year. And I didn’t even have to spend hours sorting tons of statistics!

Anyhoo, my beloved Nuggets are off to a good start by beating the Jazz in their first game 114–105. I couldn’t watch the game, but judging from what I saw while monitoring the scoreboard, Melo kept the Nuggets in pace with the Jazz in the first half as the rest of his teammates struggled. Then, Chauncey caught fire in the 3rd quarter to finally wrest the lead from the Jazz. Then, rookie TY “Thank You” Lawson just took over in the 4th. He was so good that he both gave Afflalo (!!!) playing time, while keeping Billups rested on the bench. I hope they carry this over to the Portland game later. I’m not sure if the Blazers can replicate their success from last season, even with the addition of Andre Miller. Is it me or do I see them as the 2009–2010 version of the 2008–2009 Hornets?

Nugget Line of the Night

Carmelo Anthony

11–22 FG
1–2 3FG
7–10 FT
8 Reb, 2 Off
5 Asts
1 Stl, 1 Blk, 3 PF, 3 TO
30 Pts

Nice complete game. Makes the win even sweeter.

Day 1 (27 October 2009)

Celtics 95 – 89 Cavaliers : Despite addressing their needs in the offseason by adding Shaq, Parker and Moon, I think that Boston’s 2nd unit is far better than the Cavs, even if Delonte was around. It would be more important for the Cavs to hit their 3s than LBJ having a monster game if they intend to beat the top-tier teams in the NBA, especially since they got the Big Roadblock with them now.

Wizards 102 – 91 Mavericks : Despite missing several key players in Jamison, wannabe starter Nick Young and Mike James (just kidding!), the Wizards were able to pull out a convincing win against a Mavs team that Cuban says is better than the 06 team that went to the Finals. Did I mention that they did this on the Mavs’ homecourt? And yeah, I don’t think that Gilbert’s 29 pts, 9 asts was a fluke.

Rockets 87 – 96 Trailblazers : Except for Andre Miller not starting, nothing unexpected really happened here.

Clippers 92 – 99 Lakers : “Clippers would’ve won if Griffin played.” LOL. On the other hand, this is sweet:

LA Championship Ring 2009

LA Championship Ring 2009

Day 2 ( 28 October 2009)

Cavaliers 91 – 101 Raptors : So is the Raptors this good or is Cleveland this bad? I’m actually not surprised about the Cavs’ performance in their first 2 games of the season, especially on the offensive end. That’s what happens if you let your offensive coordinator bolts for a team hardly expected to make the playoffs this year. Unless Mike Brown learns to draw up another play besides “pass to LeBron and clear out,” this is going to be one depressing season for the entire city of Cleveland.

Pacers 109 – 120 Hawks : Monster game from Horford (24 pts, 16 reb). And wow, 17 pts for Dahntay Jones? I guess he had a “monster” game too. The difference was that Atlanta’s starters scored a total of 91 pts, while Indiana’s scored 60. But hey, at least they got Dahntay “offensive machine” Jones coming off the bench for them.

76ers 106 – 120 Magic : Did the 76ers even have a chance? Quick question: if you are a GM and your top 3 highest paid players, who’ll make a total of $38 million this year, combine for just 25 points, did you overpay?

Knicks 93 – 115 Heat : If playing against your team makes Michael Beasley happy, “like a kid in a candy shop,” then you know you got problems.

Celtics 92 – 59 Bobcats : Gerald Wallace led Charlotte in scoring with 10 pts. That is all.

Nets 93 – 95 Timberwolves : Another small guy leading his team to victory. Rubio bolting for Spain would probably be the best thing that happened to Flynn. Meanwhile, what the hell are the Twolves planning to do with Sessions? And yeah, Brook Lopez is for real.

Pistons 96 – 74 Grizzlies : When AI went down last month with a hamstring injury, this opener became a lot less interesting. On the other hand, welcome back OJ: 9 pts, 2-12 FG, 0-5 3FG, 6 reb, 2 asts, 5 PF, 2 TO and nothing else in just 36 minutes of action.

Hornets 96 – 113 Spurs : I bet the other 29 teams who passed on Blair on draft day are kicking themselves in the nuts right now (is that even possible?). The good news for the Hornets was Okafor played after missing all of preseason. The bad news is that their highest paid player has now been demoted to the bench and “contributed” 4 pts, 1 reb, 2 PF, 1 TO and 0 in everything else.

Kings 89 – 102 Thunder : Even if Westbrook and Kristic plays like this every game, the Thunder still won’t make the playoffs this year. Why? Because unless Harden and Weaver become the second coming of Ginobili and JR Smith, the Thunder bench is practically invisible. I’m sincerely interested between these two teams on which one will end up with more wins by season’s end.

Rockets 108 – 107 Warriors : Maggette, S. Jackson, Ellis and even Curry: one ball will never be enough. Meanwhile, Randolph continues to ride the pine despite an impressive preseason. As for the Rockets, they’ll have to rely on Euroball all season long if they plan to crash the playoffs this year, even if T-mac successfully returns from surgery.

Suns 109 – 107 Clippers : Dunleavy was probably thinking, for the second consecutive night, “We would’ve won if Griffin wasn’t injured.” LOL.

photo credit: Getty images


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