Better Late Than Never: My Super Show Experience (Hong Kong 18/Sept/09) [with pics and vids]

Finally finished watermarking the pics and videos. Yeah I know it took a long time. But hey, better late than never right.

You all probably know what went down during that epic night already. There were hugs. There were kisses. There was fanservice. There were screams. There was dancing. There was singing. There was fanservice. And that was between Siwon, Hankyung and Heechul only. It was a sausagefest and slashers of all ages had a feast.

This is how it looked like that night, except with lots of girls surrounding the building.

This is how it looked like that night, except with lots of girls.

There were also tears and lots of love. However, there was still no Kibum. But add those all up and you get a concert for the ages. I was dancing (just a little bit). I was singing (the 3 songs that I knew). I was screaming (I tried to hold back). I was laughing (who didn’t?). But the dramatic parts really didn’t get to me though.

Like I said earlier, at first I thought the tickets were way too expensive even for a SuJu concert (US$140/110/70), especially since the ticket says the show will only be for 2 hours. This is even more overpriced when you consider that in Korea, the ticket prices of SJ’s Super Shows are somewhere between US$25 and US$60 only. And that’s for a 3-hour show! But by the end of the night, SuJu gave us the 3-hour show we wanted and then some!

Prices in HK$. US$1 is about HK$7.5

Prices in HK$. US$1 is about HK$7.5 (click to enlarge).

Outside the concert hall, it was crazy! Because of the sheer number of fangirls in the building, the men’s restroom was converted into one for the girls (how sexist! hah!). And the guys, including those who were at AW-E for non-SJ purposes, were told to use the restroom for handicapped people instead. I wanted to take a picture of the two female restroom signs, but I already hid my vidcam so I could sneak it into the arena and was feeling lazy to take it out. Besides, the girls waiting to pee might think I was some kind of a perv taking photos of the ladies’ restroom.

There was only one stand that sold SJ goodies and most of the good stuff were already out of stock by the time we got there (about 630pm). I particularly liked the Heechul shirt, or even the Blue Super Show shirt would be fine. But alas! They were all gone. They were only in one size anyway and were just too damn small. Huhu. They also weren’t selling blue glowsticks, which sucked big time because I really wanted one. When we asked some fangirls if they were selling their glowsticks, they said that they went out all the way to Mainland China to buy theirs, so no dice.

The standing zone was only half-filled by the time the show started.

The standing zone was only half-filled by the time the show started.

So at about 7:30pm, the guards finally opened the gates and let us in. Much to my surprise, they weren’t checking bags for cameras. They weren’t even frisking people. Hmm. Did they fear the wrath of the fangirls? These are SuJu fangirls we’re talking about. Now if this was a DBSK concert…  Hah! I guess us SJ fans look harmless.

When we got to our seats, I was very surprised that the venue didn’t fill up quickly, considering all the best seats were already taken when we were ordering tickets online. I thought SJ concerts were supposed to be packed in 10 minutes or less? When it was 8pm and the venue was still nearly half-empty, I became worried and a little embarrassed for SJ. I could only imagine the disappointment that the boys might feel when they get on stage and see a half-filled arena. It even brushed my mind that SJ would just refund our tickets and not perform instead because of the disappointing turnout. It was 815 and SJ wasn’t coming out yet (I mean literally, not figuratively).

But fortunately, the crowd started to thicken. The fangirls were running like mad. They were hanging up banners everywhere. Everybody was screaming in unison, and SJ hasn’t even appeared yet. Even famous American artists don’t get this kind of treatment. I’ve never seen banners at a Beyoncé concert. Have you? How awesome it is to be a Kpop idol! The arena still wasn’t full but the final turnout ended up to be decent enough that SJ might actually consider doing another Super Show in HK, probably about 70% of its 13,500 capacity.

I was somewhere at the upper right part of this pic. Nice view indeed.

I was somewhere at the upper right part of this pic. Nice view indeed.

There were actually lots of different people who went to see the show. You got your fangirls (duh). There were office girls (latecomers). There were ajummas (probably chaperone of the fangirls). There were Caucasians (the ones that I saw were total bitches, byane-yo). There were guys (I counted 4). And I even saw one dad (family night out?) and one grandmama (she was seating in front of me and kept waving at each SJ member). There were also some Filipinos (in da hauz!).

There was even some commotion that went on before the show. Because there were still lots of empty seats everywhere, some fangirls thought that they could switch to the nearer seats and without anyone noticing since the show was about to start. But after one did it, everyone started doing the same thing and before you know it, the southern part of the arena became completely empty. Fortunately, order was restored and everyone was politely requested to go back to the seats assigned on their tickets. The ushers even checked our tickets one by one to verify if we were at the right seats.

Anyway, that post was longer than it should have been. So here are the pics finally. Nothing really to brag about. And I was only able to take pics of 3 of them because I was busy videotaping their vids, which I later find out ended up with bad audio quality. Huhu. At least my Heechul pics were too awesome for words. Same goes to some of my Yesung pics. I’ll only post my favorite pics, but you can check out the entire set here.

There was this old lady in front of me who kept waving her hands on whoever came near. Grr. Click to enlarge.

There was this old lady in front of me who kept waving her hands on whoever came near. Grr. Click to enlarge.

I forgot what song this was. Click to enlarge.

Yesungie. Never one to shy away from attention. Hehe. Click to enlarge.

Ryeowook had insomnia that night. Click to enlarge.

Ryeowook had insomnia that night. Click to enlarge.

Yeah right Wookie. You cant fool us. Click to enlarge.

Yeah right Wookie. You can't fool us. Click to enlarge.

Seriously huh. What a pretty boy this guy. Click to enlarge.

Seriously. What a pretty boy this guy. Click to enlarge.

He caught me! Waha! And he was calling me out. Seriously the highlight of my night. Click to enlarge.

Me? You want... me? Click to enlarge.

So you dont want to believe it was I he was looking at eh? SEE!! I told you!! Click to enlarge.


I so couldnt believe that he was staring at me that I forgot to wave at him or give him a thumbs up sign so he couldve waved back. Huhu. Click to enlarge.

I should've given him my poorly designed Heechul shirt! But his lovestare left me frozen. Maybe next time. Heechul, wear the shirt I'll give you when we meet again, ok? Click to enlarge.


Almost all of the videos have bad quality. Huhu. I had no idea that the bass was going to end up exploding like that in the recording. I thought it sounded normal when I played it back on my cam. You can blame the spazzing fangirls for the Cloverfield-like vids. It was all good though. I felt like I was in a dance club, only with thousands of girls and 14 pretty “boys.” As for the short clips, (less than a minute) you can blame the annoying guards/ushers for that. They kept approaching fans who weren’t discreet in taking pictures/videos during the concert. Oh well, at least they didn’t confiscate cams. It’s still better than nothing. I’ll try to get a copy of Heaven’s Wine’s videos (SNSD vids and closing perfs) and upload it asap.

Opening Performance (Man in Love). Bass too loud. Huhu.

Norago Intro (Remix) 20s- I would’ve liked to see the original version, but there’s no denying this one is pretty sweet too. I was surprised they performed it this early.

Hohoho. Heechul’s special solo stage. I don’t know what the song is but he reminds everyone who forgot that he still can sing. He shows here that he can can still melt your heart with a love song. He isn’t just someone who sings rock ballads and kisses guys afterwards, you know?

At the end of Heechul’s solo stage, he goes down to the audience and serenades one lucky female fan! Yes, that’s right. Female! I told you H.I.N.G.! And I think he kisses her hand towards the end, but I wasn’t able to get it on cam because everybody near me was screaming and shaking the floor. Huhu.

Dance battle to Don’t Don. I think they did this bit already before in Super Show 1? The action clip they played before the performance was pretty epic too. I see action movies in the future for Han Kyung. Hehe. But the audio quality is as bad as the opening perf vid earlier. Huhu.

Aah. Finally! Good quality audio! And it was on a performance that featured my two most favorite SJ members: the incomparable Heechul and Shindong. They’ve got to be the two funniest SJ members. I almost forgot that someone was singing live during this skit: no less than SJ maknae, Kyuhyun ( do the other members even consider/call him a maknae). And they danced to 4minute’s Muzik! And f(x)’s La Cha Ta (0:14-0:17) too! Wahahaha. And Heechul proves to us again that H.I.N.G. at 2:14.

Intro of SJ’s dance special, starring Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae and HK’s adopted son, Hankyung, with special guest, Sungmin! Yeah, I didn’t know he could dance like that either. Mad props to Sungmin. That guy is crazy talented. If only he could be a little manlier and be a good boy to his elders, particularly to Kangin and Heechul, I’d appreciate him more. But this clip is only 51s and only the intro. Huhu. Damn guards again.

SuJu M’s Super Girl in full (well, almost). The song is pretty catchy and has proven to be a big hit already. That’s why they were in Dream Concert 2009.

Sorry Sorry intro RnB version in 49s. I just wanted to record at least a clip of this brilliant remix. They didn’t perform it live, but they played it along with some clips of SJ dressed in style.

And finally (for now), my last video is SJ’s Sorry Sorry remix, which they performed right after they showed the RnB version. As usual though, I only got the intro part. But you can watch the full version of it at the 2009 Dream Concert. The only difference between the two performances was the outfit.

Anyway that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed (and got jealous) looking at these photos and vids as much as I did watching SUPER JUNIOR LIVE! Seriously. Go see them live. Now! Pack your bags. Go to Korea. And buy a ticket to any show they’ll appear on. You won’t regret it.

AsiaWorld-Expo is a five-minute train ride from the HK airport in Lantau. See you there!

AsiaWorld-Expo is a five-minute train ride from the HK airport in Lantau. See you there!

Credits: AsiaWorld-Expo, me


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