SUJU @ HK Preview

Been busy since coming back from HK. Pics and vids to come. But I’m sure you’ve already heard some of the stuff that happened in HK. I’m happy that Kangin was there. And yes, he was crying towards the last 3 to 4 songs of the concert. He was probably very moved because everybody in the audience was cheering him on. I still don’t get why everybody went crazy when Heechul and Leeteuk hugged him though. I wonder why. Hmn. On the other hand, nope. Still no Kibum.

I’m still trying to fix the audio of my vids because the bass is too damn loud. Anyone got suggestions on how to fix it?

Anyway, Super Show 2 just reaffirmed that Super Junior is still the best boyband in all of Kpop!!! Well, I haven’t seen DBSK and 2PM live yet (will I ever?), but even if I do, I think I’ll never see a show quite like Suju’s. I don’t think DBSK or 2PM can do a 3-hour show even if they lipsync all of their songs. I enjoyed every moment of Super Show 2 from start to finish, even if I didn’t understand a damn thing. Hehe. Anyway, here’s a little preview of the recap I’ll be doing. I’m still waiting for the pics and vids (still putting watermarks on them) from my friend’s cam.

Yep. There were 3 of us.

Yep. There were 3 of us.

Here’s some mind-blowing statistics for you.

Super Show 2 Hong Kong male body count (not including the guards and ushers): 20 (including all 14 of Super Junior)

If you can’t wait, here’s an extremely comprehensive collection of what went down @ HK on the 18th. Amazing. Basically making this post pointless.

Laterzzzz… I’m still finishing my other posts so hang on!

credits: PingPung, icepluscoffee


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