EPIK High vs. Big Bang?!!! Let’s Do This!!

Credit: urasiansourceKpop

I knew it!!! From the first time I laid my ears on Epik High’s Wannabe. Bwahahahaha. Tablo. Mithra. Tukutz. So sneaky!

I finally got to watch Epik High’s much anticipated comeback performance, while catching up with Kpoplandia after my HK weekend adventure (more on that later). Because the MV was actually funny, I was seriously expecting Tablo to do something outrageous during their performance like fake breakdance or bad kung-fu. Unfortunately, he didn’t but he still delivered the goods. I’m not the authority on Epik High stuff but I know for a fact that they’re one of the best hiphop acts in Korea. Plus, Tablo is a funny man who kinda looks like Eunhyuk, while Mithra is (more than? hehe) bffs with Heechul. Their latest single Wannabe is pretty catchy but what really caught my attention was Tablo’s opening.

Epik High is back…
This goes out to all the trendsetters…
Get on the dance floor…

Epik High is back…
This goes out to all the trendsetters…
Get on the dance floor…

It made me wonder which trendsetter he was referring to. Hmm… Lots of those these days. Of course I immediately dismissed the thought of Epik High slightly dissing a fellow Korean artist because that’s almost unheard of considering how polite Koreans are in general, especially Korean celebs. I mean this is Epik High we’re talking about. Mithra may look a little gruffy, but we all know he’s warm and fuzzy inside. Hehe.

Then, after listening to the song in full, I decided to check out the translation for Wannabe. Here’s the first verse courtesy of Jpopasia. I just fixed the grammar a little bit.

It looks fresh, but it feels like it has been done before
Singing the same song, lips to nose
When choosing clothes, add some touch to style
You think you got swag?
Just imitate-imitate, everyone imitates
no convo without knowing the trendy words
Dress like the fashion magazine and the TV shows
Even for the movies I wanted to see, I follow the reviews?
Everyone does it, so f-f-follow

The chorus goes a little something like this:

DJ come play my song on the radio
Feel that radio oh oh oh
DJ come play my song on the radio
Scream loud, oh, f-f-follow that

Wannabe wannabe, everyone imitates you
Wannabe wannabe, everyone imitates me
Wannabe wannabe, lead the world
Because we’re so sick

When they said “because we’re so sick,” I initially thought they were referring to how dope they were. But now I think they’re talking about how they’re sick and tired of trendsetters maybe? Of course, they could have intended for it to mean both ways. Anyway, here’s the second verse of the song:

Students still have to follow the rules, fill those answers in
Throw away dignity but listen to the self-pride
Lead the world and make it imitate you
Get up high and make those eyes follow you
It’s like MP3,can’t deny, we all counterfeit each other
One blaming the another and argue
But if it’s hot, just imitate
Public is the star, children are mother (to the trends)
Even so we are all a wannabe
Even when we love we imitate dramas
Now we have to find our own color

Compared with the first stanza, Epik High seemed to hold back with the second verse, perhaps as not to cause any controversy by going all out. Because we all know Tukutz and Tablo can pull an 8 mile on anybody. Even better when he’s drunk. Hehe.

So after reading the translation, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if Epik High really was referring to GD in Wannabe? On one corner, you have a self-made group that could care less with its image. On the other hand, you have… let’s leave it at that. So who wants to see these two groups get at it on “the dance floor?” Come on! Who’s with me?!! A freestyle rap battle! Epik High versus GD? Or even versus all of Big Bang? YG can even throw in their baddest female for good measure.

But this idea of mine seems plagiarized (word of the year in Kpop) now since someone already beat me to the punch. After listening to the Wannabe/Breathe mashup, I have to agree that both songs sound similar. Was it intentional on Epik High’s part? Well, they’ve never been known for ripping off songs. Maybe they were reminiscing one day, saw this again and got “so sick.” Until someone asks Epik High directly, we’ll never know.

Credit: taijizero1

And here’s Wannabe + Breathe, courtesy of cityincolors


They dont really look too alike here. Credit:

Do they really look alike? Credit: kimchilicious

Brokeback mountain: Korean version. Credit:

Brokeback mountain: Korean version. (Kibum is not happy) Credit: icepluscoffee


10 responses to “EPIK High vs. Big Bang?!!! Let’s Do This!!

  1. trendsetter

    you know, if you think about it, they’re all great artists and they’re all just being themselves. It’s not GD’s fault that ‘himself’ appeals to the masses. I mean let’s face it, he’s REALLY an eccentric person, but ends up becoming a trendsetter anyway.

    I love Epik High as well but if this song (which I also like) is really is a stab at GD, quite frankly I’m a bit disappointed in them. That was a cheap shot. I would’ve thought they respected other artists. (again, IF this really is a stab at trendsetters)

  2. heechulisnotgay oppa

    Maybe they were just trying to pull an Eminem, parodying idols in general and being funny. They probably meant no harm. What’s disappointing is the sudden halt of their [e] promotions. Haayy. Tukutz…. Why so sudden?

  3. I’m both a GD/BB and EH fan and I honestly want to raise three fingers up for EH on this track..
    even if they might have undirectly-but-directly dissed GD it’s still fun to leave it that way; our Kwon-leadah sometimes needs a little spanking from the pros..
    but we also, as fans, understand that our GD might not be the best especially in rap and hiphop[which makes room for people to diss him to death], coz we can see that he just has his own thing, his own way of doing it considering he’s a public pop icon..
    furthermore, i personally and rationally think that EH was calling to ALL trendsetters..
    it’s dope that they’ve come up with a sick song that will insult you at first, but will later on give you some positive message with an encouraging pat at your back..
    sorry for ranting this much on your page though, on a side note, i’m surprised to read this blog made by a Filipino like me [as what I can see on the top banners].. you got a hommie right here! haha!

    • heechulisnotgay oppa

      haha no prob. It’s unfortunate that Tukutz had to go to military so abruptly though. I want to hear more from them. And well as for allkpop, most of the readers there are just mostly concerned with being the first to comment anyway.

      And hopefully, I get to update this blog soon haha.

      • yeah!
        I already miss Tukutz~
        his sick beats are..just…SICK!!
        life can be hard sometimes~
        So, you are not a fan of BB by any chance? [just askin’]

      • heechulisnotgay oppa

        Not really, but I like Taeyang though. Don’t take this as bashing but TOP kinda reminds me of Richard Gutierrez/John Lapuz haha. Then Seungri kinda looks like Erik Santos at times haha.

        Suju is the only boyband that I really like, primarily cause they’re super funny. Hehe.

  4. but i’d really like to have another round of EH vs. BB..
    i’m done reading all the comments in the allkpop article..
    but their arguments were just ppprrrrfffff~~~~

  5. Don’t even compare Epik High with Big Bang.
    Epik High’s from underground and they are in “The Movement”

    • But you know that rap doesn’t matter on what origin or movement it is. Rap is music. And that’s that. If you think about it, you can actually compare EH and BB because TOP from BB is originally from the underground. But these two bands really do cater to different audiences so it’s best not to compare. Thus, not to dis-align one from the other just because it is from a true blood origin/movement.

  6. heechulisnotgay oppa

    For the record, I just compared them because they have some of the more popular rappers in Korea.

    I know these two groups cannot be any more different in terms of rap styles, which would make a rap battle between them even more exciting.

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