MUZIK Full MV Is Out!!! It’s So Good, I’m Getting Goose Bumps!

HOOOOLLYYY!!! The song itself was already very good on its own, then they add this eye candy of an MV. Wow! I had high expectations for the MV of this song, it being the carrier single of 4minute’s album, and I’m not disappointed. That first 37 seconds of Ji Yoon and Hyun Ah action was too epic for words. I think this was from For Muzik, which is basically an intro song that also serves as the title is for their album. I’m so glad they let Ji Yoon do the English part. Not perfect and a bit hard on the tongue, but definitely a huge improvement over Hyun Ah’s. And what can I say about Hyun Ah’s rap? She’s on the right track to becoming a very good rapper.

But hot damn! I can’t get over how brutal Ji Yoon and Hyun Ah’s was in those 37 seconds. Hyun Ah was like “We’re back bitchez! You want some of this? Come get it!!!!” While Ji Yoon was like, “I got your back. Let’s do this shizz.” They looked like they were ready to rip all their antis into pieces while still bringing the hotness at the same time. Nasty stuff I tell ya. Those hand movements were very slick too.

And did I say that was just the first 37 seconds of the MV???!!!!!

As for the rest of the video, I’m sure 2NE1 fanatics are itching to point out that 4minute once again ripped off the MV concept of 2NE1’s Fire. Probably. If you think Fire was the first MV in the entire history of MVs to put a car in the background.

Is it just me or did Ji Yoon’s dancing improved a lot? It’s like 4minute went from cutesy to ultra-sexy in just a few months. Actually, I was expecting lots of chest pumpin’ in this song, but I guess 4minute wasn’t fully ready to give up their cute image yet for a more adult/mature (ala BEG) one. The steps for the chorus were like an updated version of the So Hot/Tell Me choreo. I still like it though. It’s like half-Hot Issue and half-Abracadabra. That’s a good exercise for the shoulders though.

Everybody, including Ga Yoon, looked very good here. Good thing So Hyun was still acting cute here because her new look is so flirtatious, it should be illegal to look at, especially for adult men. That little skin she showed in this vid is enough to drive an ajusshi wild. And did you see Ji Hyun’s jumping split? Hyun Ah already showed us she can do it (she did it again in this vid), but when Ji Hyun did hers, she was like, “no biggie.”

Still, I wish they spelled the shirts MUZIK instead of MUSIC. Very confusing. Also, I hope Hyun Ah doesn’t wear that wig in their live perfs. For Muzik was a bit too Justin Timberlake-ish and of course the Boom Boom Pow comparisons probably won’t end (at least as long as their haters exists). I bet many of these antis are also the same people who think GD is fresh and original. F-f-f-f-unk you!!!

What gave me the most goose bumps, more than the dope intro, was the M-I-N-U-T-E-4 part. Despite being a newbie, CUBE definitely has some marketing strategies up its sleeves. I like how they didn’t hype the unveiling of Ji Yoon’s eyes too much throughout the course of the MV, but when it got to that part, it was like BOOM! I knew it was coming but it still caught me off guard and worth a million replays. And holy mother of Zeus! Ji Yoon is too gorjuzzz for words! Then Hyun Ah did her chair dance, and the camera zooms in on her butt at the very exact moment it warranted a close-up. Park Bom who? Then she did the split again! Who’s gonna do it next? So Hyun? Ga Yoon? Ji Yoon??!!

Maybe I’m just a sucker for upbeat, dance songs. The bass slaps were a very nice touch, thank you very much. It’s going to be interesting once 2NE1 starts promoting Pretty Boy. Be prepared for another episode of 4minute bashing from 2NE1 diehards. Actually, they’ve practically concluded that the rivalry between 2NE1 and 4minute is a no contest.

Will this MV shut up the Hyun Ah haters who say she hogs too much of 4minute’s spotlight? Maybe they’ll start throwing bricks at Ji Yoon instead, with her being the focal point of the video and all. Whatever dirt they come up with, I’m sure 4minute will find a way, again, to shut them up.


7 responses to “MUZIK Full MV Is Out!!! It’s So Good, I’m Getting Goose Bumps!

  1. LOL! Glad you had goosebumps! 😀

  2. heechulisnotgay oppa

    Yeah. It’s so good that I’m having goose bumps every time I watch the vid. Epic!

  3. I think your a Diehard fan now…may I ask, are you mad!? seems like your body your head is into the boiling point. about the group 4minute, yeah they did improve the mv is good but hell yeah 2ne1 will stil dominate.

    • heechulisnotgay oppa

      I’m not mad. Just surprised by how good 4minute really is. We’ll see who’s better when 2NE1 starts performing new songs. I also had goose bumps when I Don’t Care first came out, but if I hear another remix of that song, I think I’m going to puke. On the other hand, 4minute is looking hella good these days, literally and figuratively.

  4. i, too think they have too many versions of that song. i didn’t even bother to hear their reggae version.

    it doesn’t matter who’s dominating now. 4minute will continue to grow and who know they might outwit, outplay and outlast other girl groups one day.

    it doesn’t mean that once you’re at the top, you’ll stay at the top forever. there are bound to be groups better than 2ne1 in the future. so, don’t be tooooooooo proud of idol’s status cause you’ll never know what the future holds for 2ne1.

    • heechulisnotgay oppa

      It seems like even with all the remixes, once you’ve seen a 2NE1 performance, you’ve seen them all (told ya they were like SHINee). On the other hand, I may sound biased, even if BEG basically does the same thing with each Abracadabra perf, I never get tired of watching them.

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