Netizens Speak the Truth!!!

From K-bites via BEGirls

Shes like a supervaiseeerrrrr

She's like a supervaiseeerrrrr (stolen from BEGirls)

Brown Eyed Girls Miryo has been voted by netizens are the best rapper amongst all idol groups.

On community portal site DCInside, a poll was carried out from 18th till 25th August on ‘The rapper which you think is the most talented amongst female idol group members’, and Miryo was voted #1 with 3,072 votes out of 9,358 votes (32.8%).

The rest of the poll results show:

  1. Brown Eyed Girls Miryo (32.8%)
  2. 2NE1 CL (29.2%)
  3. KARA Nicole (18.9%)
  4. Wonder Girls YooBin
  5. 2NE1 Gong MinJi

That should those delusional 2NE1 fans. I still like 2NE1, but come on, saying shiznit like Minzy dances better than Hyoyeon or CL is the best female rapper out there? That’s like saying Yoochun is talented or something. Just kidding! DBSK fans, please spare my life. But I will admit one thing: CL’s body has been ridiculously smokin’ lately.

Who cares if shes cross-eyed?

Who cares if she's cross-eyed? (stolen from allkpop)

But I’m kinda surprised that Minzy is in that list. And Nicole too. I didn’t know Kara had a rapper.

Anyway, congrats to Miryo. She tops my female rapper list too. Second would be E.via then maybe CL and Yoobin. I heard Tasha is dope but haven’t had the chance to listen to her yet so I can’t include her in the list. After being treated to a sweet dance battle (even without Hyoyeon) recently, maybe we can have a freestyle rap-off between these nasty females next. Who’s with me?


4 responses to “Netizens Speak the Truth!!!

  1. beautyfulred

    i think cl got chubbier now. i can see her chubby bunny cheeks.

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  3. of course cl is the baddest female~

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