Thank You INKIGAYO!!! (Even if It Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack)

Did I die and go to Kpop heaven?

As I am still recovering from taht perfromance, please forgiv me if I can’t type and spell proprly.

GA IN!!!! Holy mother of mercy!! I thought this dance battle would ruin her, buto bviously, it did teh opossite. She did the imposssible and became even hotttteeerrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NICOLE!!! This gurl certainly knows waht her asssets are…. Shiznit!!!!

HYUNA!!! Srsly, the hating against 4minute should stop. I wished they sent JiYoon, but Hyuna did a pretty good job. These YG diehards are srsly becoming more annoying than those psycho DBSK fans.

MINZY!!! Not fair to put Ga In, Nicole and Hyuna against this pedotastick lady. This is toooo sinful!

My only gripe is… where is HYOYEON!!!! I want a Minzy vs. Hyoyeon showdown…… If you can bring Stephanie from CSJH, even better. I just might die on the spot. WTF.


8 responses to “Thank You INKIGAYO!!! (Even if It Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack)

  1. jiyoon may look fierce in those shades but really the good assests of her is her vocals. her dancing doesn’t top hyunah or sohyun. and of coure we all know that hyunah is the dancer of 4minute. to be honest i’m not a big fan of Kara, but i liked Nicole’s dance the most. thanks.

    • heechulisnotgay oppa

      Yes! I like Jiyoon’s voice. It’s very chilly and controlled. I think I just want more Jiyoon, partly because of her very Yoobin-ish features. Nicole and Ga In’s numbers were so unexpectedly very very very very very sexxxxxy. Holy! I ♥ Minzy, but that kid still has a long way to go in terms of poppin’ and lockin’. Hyoyeon is still the queen there. Ha! At least Hyuna did a jump-split. That was pretty impressive.

      Nice to hear from a 4minute fan for once. All those psycho 2ne1 fans are starting to get on my nerves.

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  5. I Love MINZY`s Performance..
    Although Hyunah Did a Good Job..

    MINZY`s Popping and Locking Was The BEST..
    Many People Love IT..Including ME..


    shocks ! you guys are jealous of how popular 2ne1 is right now 🙂 is there any other idol group that collaborated with will i am ?? is there any idol group that some american actress tweeted about ?? hahaha. i just read this blog .. and its kinda funny 😀 such a bias :)) when you give your criticisms make sure youre not bias to one 🙂 just a REMINDER :)) so pathetic.

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