UAAP Season 72 with ADMU-UP Live Blog

So I found out just today that Season 72 has already started, on July 11 to be exact. The first game was between DLSU and AdU. I only watched the game for a few minutes and realized I wasn’t interested. Ever since I graduated from college (yes, I have a degree), my interest in UAAP ball has declined immensely. Anyway, a couple of thoughts on the DLSU-AdU game, even though I only caught a glimpse of it:

  • Dindo Pumaren is DLSU’s assistant coach? Wow! And apparently he has been since early this year. I haven’t checked why he left the UE job. He even led UE to a rare 14-0 sweep in the elims in Season 70 before falling to against his brother Franz in the Finals. It really wasn’t a choke job of legendary proportions. Only Mike Brown could pull of something like that. Dindo just lost to a vastly superior coach. Franz has been doing this for years so his win wasn’t a surprise.
  • Do the players from both teams looked awfully short on TV or are they just short? It felt like I was watching a juniors’ game.
  • Canuday lives! I thought he showed some promise in his rookie year and thought that he might be one of the top college guys in the next few years partly because he dominated the juniors in his last year. But that’s why they say hindsight is 20/20. Anyway, after that freak injury, I’m glad to see he’s back.

After tuning in again before the start of the main event, I found out that DLSU beat AdU by a hair with a controversial call. Meh. Then to much to my delight, the main event was against UP and ADMU! Here are some of the things that went through my mind as the game was going on:

  • Since I just found out that the season started 2 weeks ago, I immediately checked the standings.  And why am I not surprised to find out that UP is at the bottom and ADMU is on top, AGAIN?
  • The DLSU and AdU players make Magi Sison and Al-Hussaini, and even Baclao, look like giants.
  • I wonder what De Asis’ offseason routine is like? He looks even fatter than last season. Notice I didn’t say “bulkier.”
  • Nice lefty by Lopez to start the game. I see hope for this team.
  • Wow. Magi Sison shooting a 3? And making it? For real? Is he an Okur fan?
  • I know Eric Salamat was some bigshot in high school. But his face just screams “DOUCHE” all over it. And after the first time I saw him play, my thoughts were validated. Goading the mohawked rookie into a T just emphasized my point.
  • Commentators (forgot their names) mentioning UP coach Aboy Castro asking one of his players to tell the story of David vs. Goliath. Does that story still work for underdogs these days?
  • Two airballs from 3s already for UP. What’s the gameplan coach?
  • Braganza is still with UP. I’m surprised, especially after I realize that he looks like this guy.
  • Two TOs for UP and 7 already for ADMU. There goes those signs of hope again.
  • Right now I’m just hoping UP goes on top at halftime so I can see their Pep Squad perform. 30-26 ADMU. Timeout.
  • UP has been struggling to shoot from the perimeter since forever. Even previously good shooters in high school like Martin Reyes isn’t immune to this curse.
  • I just checked the ADMU roster. Jai Reyes is 5’8″. Really? Wow! Certainly could have fooled me.
  • Vicmel Epres sighting. With hair!!! Looks weird.
  • That’s a travel on Salamat at the 0:10 mark. 35-26 ADMU. Goodbye UP Pep Squad sighting.
  • De Asis, 2 3-pt shots in 20 seconds. Too many Eddie House clips perhaps? Fortunately, he made the second one. 35-29 halftime.
  • Did you know that the rivalry between ADMU and DLSU is so intense that it has carried over to their respective cheering squads? Apparently, they fight for “Worst Halftime Performance of the Season” every year. Yeah, I”m surprised too.
  • Boom Gonzales and Randy Sacdalan. I know those voices were familiar. Just couldn’t put names to them.
  • Yes! Some shots of the UP Pep Squad. “It’s always a spectacle to see them perform,” or something like that says Boom. Careful Boom. It’s these comments that make ADMU fans think you’re a Blue Eagle hater. Don’t be biased kasi.
  • J-J-J-J-Y-P Powerade commercial. Always fun.
  • More Pep Squad clips. The girl in front with short hair is very cute. Who is she? Boom says “spectacle” again after referring to the UP Pep Squad. Uniform looks good but the colors look NCAA-ish.
  • Carlo Gomez at the line to start the 3rd Q. Dude doesn’t look like a college student. But he hits both his FTs.
  • Randy mentions that a UAAP head coaching job isn’t a secure one. Then he mentions Dindo Pumaren. Now I’m even more curious. Was he fired or did he quit? I’ll try to find out later.
  • Mark Lopez looks like he could be Norman Black’s son. Nice drive by the kid, drawing a foul. 35-34 ADMU.
  • Padilla just made me piss my pants. Padilla was the mohawked kid who shot the airball and elbowed Salamat earlier right? I like him already. Boom mentions he shoots around 40% from the arc, so that airball was probably an aberration.
  • Padilla hits a jumpshot and Braganza forces a TO, breaking away for a layup. 35-41, UP. I’ve seen this countless times, but please give me a different ending for this one.
  • Long=hesitant. Salamat looks like he travels each time he picks up his dribble.
  • UP courtside announcer stammering on her report: from excitement or from plain suckiness?
  • Step-back 3 from Padilla. WTF?
  • Boom says it’s too hot in PhilSports. He even goes as far as thanking GOD they won’t be back there for the rest of the 1st round of the elims.
  • Nico Salva looks like a thug but he’s giving his team a much-needed shot in the arm. 4 pts for him in the quarter.
  • I wondered earlier why Buenafe didn’t start the game. After seeing him drive to the hoop this quarter, I now know why.
  • Point-blank shot from Buenafe and he still couldn’t convert. Preferring the double pump instead of going straight up.
  • UP answers back with this sequence: Woody Co getting blocked, airball from Padilla from within 2 feet, 3-pt shot from Reyes that hit nothing but board and 2 botched FTs from Juruena. Way to go UP!
  • UP is 0-9 in the quarter after starting 5-5. Law of averages, guys. Law of averages.
  • Woody Co hits a 3-pt shot. Nice. But what’s with the Rip Hamilton look?
  • Salva hits a jumper. He’s ADMU’s only offense right now. Boom says they’re shooting 3-13 from the field in the 3rd.
  • Sison tries a 3-pt shot. Again. One entire offseason practicing 3s won’t suddenly make you Dirk the following season. It isn’t that easy kid.
  • Quick quiz: Buenafe drives to the hoop for the last possession of the quarter. Guess what happens next? (a) TO; (b) bad shot; (c) all of the above?
  • Wow. UP outscored ADMU in the 3rd, 17-6. “UP never looked this good” – Boom. I told you to be careful about these comments Boom. And please don’t jinx UP.
  • Padilla hits another 3. 41-49 UP.
  • Salamat hits an inside shot and Co answers with another 3. UP really loves playing against these guys.
  • 24-second shot clock violation for UP.
  • Jai Reyes hits a 3.
  • ADMU commentator buckles with her report too. Again, too much excitement or plain suckiness? At least she said sorry.
  • 3 straight TOs for UP. This time, a moving pick by Co.
  • Horrendous shooting form from Monfort.
  • Braganza tear drop. Lucky or practiced? That was nearly from the foul line.
  • Al-Hussaini goes to work. UP brings back Sison.
  • Almost another TO by UP. Woody Co bails them out by hitting another 3. This guy has limited offensive moves, but he gets the job done.
  • Same spin move from Rabah that drew a foul in their previous possession. This one had the same result: a foul.
  • UP breaks the ADMU press by spotting Lopez on a breakout. He hits a lefty layup over Baclao, arguably the best shotblocker in the league.
  • Ever since last year, Lopez liked going left. The difference this year is that he’s making his layups.
  • Rabah on the left block again. He just steps through the defense and hits the banker.
  • Step-back jumper from Gomez. Probably a lucky shot. Nothing going for UP inside. They have to hit shots like these the rest of the game if they want an upset.
  • Braganza suffering from cramps. Conditioning issues again for UP players. Seriously, how do they train in the offseason?
  • De Asis in the game, at this time? Seriously? His 4th year in the league and he still can’t dribble, even to the right. Buzzer-beating shot by Lopez doesn’t count.
  • Norman Black counters the De Asis substition by putting in Buenafe. Aboy should thank Norman for that move if they ever win this game.
  • On cue, UP quickly hits two straight layups on bad possessions by ADMU, 54-65 UP.
  • So Maniego was the guy who hit the first of the two layups. I’m surprised he is still in the lineup. He was a former MVP for UPIS right? That’s how far this kid has fallen basketball-wise.
  • UP milks the clock. Literally. 24-second shot clock.
  • After Rabah hits a floater (srsly?) from 15 feet, UP turns the ball over that ends with Salamat getting fouled from 3.
  • Another UP leakout from the ADMU press after the Salamat FT. Other teams couldn’t figure this out?
  • Wow. Boom says UP is shooting 8-9 from the field in the 4th. Ha! It sure didn’t look like it. I’m already celebrating.
  • UP averages 30 TOs per game? No wonder they’re 0-3. Ateneo averages 13 but has 17 this game. 58-66 UP.
  • A shot of Aboy Castro giving instructions, still looking serious. I’m impressed at how good he can contain his excitement.
  • Boom mentions it’s only one loss. Blah blah blah. Every year, you can count on UP beating Ateneo for one of their 3-4 total wins for the entire season. Or at least on giving them a good fight.
  • Please don’t mention that painful 0-14 season again Boom. You’re already my favorite UAAP announcer.
  • It’s official. 58-68 UP. Nyaaaaaaaaaaa. Not just a win, but a double-digit, 10-point win!
  • Player of the game: Woody Co, 15 of UP’s 37 bench points. But I think the award should have been given to Lopez, who also had 15 points, a career-high. Lopez was just consistently and surprisingly brilliant the entire game.
  • So DLSU won in OT in the first game 64-63. I guess it is a day of upsets.

My first live blog and it didn’t disappoint. Although this was exhausting, and wordpress sucked today (error everytime I tried publishing), it was all worth it. I forgot how fun the UAAP can be when your school wins. UP always tries hard but with predictable, and disappointing, results. Fortunately tonight, the ending had a surprising twist in it.


2 responses to “UAAP Season 72 with ADMU-UP Live Blog

  1. neednotknow

    Eric Salamat always a douchebag! Hahahaha. You from baste HS? Much hope for UP team this following season

    • heechulisnotgay oppa

      Haha. No. I haven’t followed the UAAP in a while. I just watch a few UP games on TV when I can. Do they have a chance of reaching the Final Four?

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