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[SCANS] 4Minute’s Shoemarker Calendar + HQ Links

So I returned from Korea before Christmas. Gonna post instructions and a map how to reach Cube’s building, as well as JYPE and SME. But for now, Imma share scans from my 4Minute Shoemarker 2011 calendar. Yes!!! So happy!!! Got it from the Shoemarker at Itaewon. I think the one at Myeong-dong is the flagship one cause the girls shot the CFs and photoshoots there.

The link for the HQ version (~2500 x 2000) can be found here. Click the images below for the full 1000 x 790 version. Still pretty good.



4Minute's Shoemarker 2011 Calendar


One of my favorite pics from this calendar but super photoshop fail.


It's still supposed to be called during this month though.


This pic was from way back in 2009.


Except NamJi, where are you girls looking at?


Same outfits as the ones in the October page.


I'm guessing HyunAh has a bigger shot here because it's her birth month.


I would've preferred to see them in swimsuits for this summer month.


Probably the sexiest pic in this calendar, especially SoHyun.


Spot the fail.


So I guess October is a good time to do some hiking or something.


More fail cropping.


GaYoon's left leg looks so weird, but all of them look so cute in Christmas outfits.

In case you missed it: HQ scans (~2500 x 2000)

[DL] 4Minute – First (MV, MP3 and for iPod)

In case you wanted to download the MV and can’t wait for the mp3:


4Minute - FIRST

4Minute - FIRST

FIRST MV 155 MB  (11920×1080)

FIRST MV 10 MB (for iPod)

FIRST MP3 (128 kbps)

image: h/t crazy4meee@4-minute.com

Hot Issue Magazine – June and July 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates

Been busy with the magazine

So anyway, here are the last two issues (click to download)

Hot Issue Magazine June 2010

Hot Issue Magazine July 2010

Hot Issue Magazine July 2010

Cool no?
Everything I have to say about 4Minute can be found there. Might as well put those opinions in a magazine right?

Well if you want to contribute, advertise or comment, just sign up at the 4Minute International Forum.

Also, I’ll post all of 4Minute’s replies to me on YOZM. YEAAAHHH!!! MEEE!!!! JiYoon!!!

See you next time!! Time for me to reset~

HOT ISSUE – 4MINUTE MAGAZINE and The Birth of Boob Idols

I don’t need to mention how hot 4Minute has been ever since they came back. Bias aside, it was the hottest comeback this year. OK, maybe a little bias there. But c’mon now. Be honest. They’re comeback was one of the best this year.

For guy groups, those who show their bodies are called beast idols. For girl groups, I say 4Minute should be called Boob idols.

Not convinced?




I don’t even have to show you Mt. Unnie’s. But if you insist…


of if you would prefer…


After reattaching your jaw, please take out with proper credits: tagged + v4Minute@wordpress + heechulisnotgay@4-minute.com + nakakatamad@wordpress


Now that that’s out of the way, I’m so proud to announce that 4Minute INTL has launched its own magazine, and I’m one of the contributors. Yay!!! Here’s the (unofficial) cover I made.


C’mon now. Tell me that didn’t excite you. This has been out for a couple of weeks now. It’s 40 pages thick filled with 4Minute treats. So if you want a copy of this epic creation, register now and log on to the forum and head to this thread. Tell your friends, family, brother, sister, mother and father about it.

And oh, we’re working on the next edition of this magazine. So, stay tuned.

For the latest 4Minute updates (news, pics and vids):


And mine too of course. Hihi. Most of the vids there are usually fancams that 4MinuteVids didn’t upload.




WHO'S NEXT? CLEAVAGE!!! credit: v4Minute.wordpress.com



Updated: (PHOTOSPAM [100P]) 2010! It’s Time for Change: A Kim Hyun Ah Massive Photospam Entry

First posted on 8Jan2010

Hey happy new year everyone!

In celebration of the release of the MV for HyunAh’s solo single CHANGE and in anticipation of her solo debut perf tomorrow on Music Bank, I thought what better way than a HyunAh photospam?! A great way to do my first post of 2010.

Well if you’ve been living under a rock, HyunAh just released a digital single entitled CHANGE last January 4 and here is her sizzling MV.

credit: UrAsianSourceTV

OK. Still breathing? I’m not going to elaborate on how ridiculously hot (can we stop using the word ‘fierce’ already? After all, it is 2010 already) HyunAh was in that video since you’re probably playing the vid again and ignoring the rest of this post. And yeah, JunHyung was pimpin’ in that vid (I wonder how GaYoon felt after seeing HyunAh touch JunHyung like that). But he isn’t the focal point of this blogpost.

Before proceeding with the pics, a belated congratulations to 4minute for winning the New Female Artist Award last January 3 at the Korean Entertainment Art Awards and for having a very successful Cube Showcase. Also, advanced happy birthday to 4minute’s beloved leader Nam JiHyun on January 9.

Anyway, here are some of the sexiest, cutest and hottest HyunAh pics in my stash right now. Excuse me for not putting captions on all of them because I’m too lazy a bit preoccupied right now. One more thing. Since I used photobucket in uploading most of these pics, PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK so others can enjoy HyunAh’s sexiness. Click to enlarge.

Bootyshaking to Mister @ the 2009 KBS Entertainment Awards

Tattoo! @ the 2010 Asia Model Awards without Nam JiHyun

Vegemil BTS. Pyong pyong~

@ Star Golden Bell 16Jan10

@ B2ST Showcase 2009

Covering Wonder Girls' Tell Me with 4minute.

Don't they look a like?

Sexiest chest popper in the biz right now.

Impervious to rain.

A killer gaze.

Aah, the good old days. Some Sohee-HyunAh love.

Poor girls @ Open Concert 2009.

WG days hosting Music Core with Sohee and Brian of FTTS (I think)

More WG maknae love. HyunAh-SunMi

Just look at those legs!

During her cover of Ivy's A-ha. How do you like her curly look?

Stripping!!! No, really!

What can I say? The girl doesn't get wet.

Her legs are golden.

More Sunmi-HyunAh love.

@ MBC Sweet Girl (Chuseok Special 2009)

Killer abs! She's sooooooooo sexy here.

@ Power of Love Concert 2009

Yeah. That's hot.


Her wet hair made her look even hotter.

@ SBS Idol Big Show 2009. Holy!!

Dancing to Usher's Bad Girl and Beyonce's Deja Vu

If that isn't sexy, I don't know what is.


Mini-album jacket photos


Lulz version by me. Was bored.

A promise of love.

She's even hotter in white.

Too sexy to describe. I think this was for 4tomorrow.


Even this is sexy.


Being normal.


Dancing to LA chA TA @ MAMA 2009

Shoutout @ Jingle Jingle MV

With Sulli for 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun commercial. They're so cute together.


My favorite part in Muzik. @ KBS Music Bank 2009 Christmas Special

Sweet intro pose.

A screencap I took from episode 8 of KBS Invincible Youth. Sunny-HyunAh love.

2Hyun love @ Cube's 2010 Showcase last January 3.

HyunAh is so adorable. Probably trying to steal a kiss again.

Too much cuteness!

@ 2009 KBS Gayo Daejun Hot Issue perf

Sexy stare

Ignoring SoHyun.

Petting SoHyun.

Makes me wanna buy a Sony.

Vegemil CF BTS

Holding hands with JiYoon to escape the Chinese paparazzi.

From episode 7 of KBS Invincible Youth.

Music Core Special

GaYoon checking out HyunAh. Hot Issue encore perf @ Music Core Special.

Jingle Jingle MV BTS

From Jingle Jingle MV

Being bored, but still cute, @ 2009 MAMA


Lulz version by me. Was bored again.

Lucky dude.

Selca time. From her cyworld.


Hanbok selca.

She loves to blow kisses, which makes her even more adorable.

Check out her minihompy @ http://www.cyworld.com/zlaushk.

Weird wig but still cute.


This girl really needs some sleep.

Kinda recent. I think this was during WAGW.Last one. For now.

So that’s it! That’s all I got uploaded for now, but I still have a few that I’ll put up soon.

Well I hope you had fun glazing over the pics of Kpop’s new Sex Goddess (even though she’s just 17, but 19 in Korean age).

So here’s to HyunAh and 4minute. May they be healthy and have more success, variety shows, hit singles, fans and awards in 2010. If you can’t get enough of 4minute, the best place to get your fix is at the international forum. They got all the latest pics, vids and scoops on our favorite sexy girl group 4minute. The best thing about the forum is that there are no 4minute bashers there. It’s a safe haven from all of 4minute’s antis. Well you know these girls have a lot of haters out there. Screw them. They can go drown in a septic tank.

Happy 2010 again everyone!


If you’re in the Philippines right now, just 27 days before 4minute arrives in Manila (most probably)! Aren’t you excited??!! And they’ll be in the Philippines for 5 freaking days!!! Five!!! I’m serious! No kidding!!!

(PHOTOSPAM [33P]) 4minute @ Star Golden Bell (16Jan10)

So 4minute appeared on the latest ep of Star Golden Bell. Yeah, all 5 of them! Hoorah!

So I’m posting some caps and clips from that ep just because JiYoon was just too adorable here, but sadly, it seems like she didn’t get to talk much. Well at least all 5 of them were on this show, at the same time. That’s got to count for something right? It’s a pretty big deal (at least to me) that all members were invited in one ep. It’s not like there are only 3 of them in the group. Anyway, here are 4minute’s SGB cuts care of wintersun’s new YT account.

Part 1

Part 2

Besides the girls, Beast’s Doojoon, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Super Junior’s Yesung and Shinee’s Key also appeared on what is shaping up to be the best SGB episode evar!!!

Anyway, one of the interesting stories during the ep was shared by Beast’s funny leader Doojoon. Here’s the quote from 4-minute.com:

For the latest recording of the episode of KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’ which will air on January 16, BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon said, “If we completely reveal our apartment, it will be a disaster.” He also confessed, “Our cleaning lady comes twice a week, but our apartment is so dirty that I can’t look her in the eye.

When HyunAh heard this, she said, “She must be so tired when she comes to clean our home after going to BEAST’s apartment!

Doojoon replied, “Ajummah said, ‘But you guys are still cleaner than girl idols!‘” and made the studio burst into laughter.

Not really a big deal since they’re all still kids, which fans tend to forget sometimes. However, a shocking revelation was brought up by the 4minute girls, particularly leader Nam JiHyun and lead vocalist Heo GaYoon.

HyunAh was picked by the members as the member who washes the least. When 4minute’s leader JiHyun was asked why she picked Hyunah, she said, “Maybe it’s because her schedule is full and she’s tired, but sometimes she falls asleep without washing up.” But she added, “When she wakes up, she washes several times.

GaYoon also said, “HyunAh goes to sleep without washing herself. She wakes up and washes herself really intensely. I think she realizes she’s dirty at that time. Our manager always tells us our room has a weird smell when he comes in. We all wash ourselves and go to bed so we can only think of one person who causes the smell.

Woah. Talk about kicking a girl when she’s down. Well this is what the embarrassed HyunAh had to say about that matter:

I don’t think it’s me. I hope it’s not me.

To salvage her pride, HyunAh brought down the maknae member of 4minute with her when she revealed, “SoHyun’s height is 158cm.
Nice comeback HyunAh and poor maknae. She didn’t even have anything to do with this to begin with. I wonder what JiYoon thought about all this? Hmm. Sounds like a lover’s spat to me. Don’t you think?

illuminate.@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

I can’t wait to watch this with subs in about two weeks also to find out why JiYoon was giggling like a little fan girl. And it would be just in time for 4minute’s tour in Manila. Yaaaa! (By the way, anyone knows if JiYoon wore a skirt here? Pics?)

Anyway, here are some caps from the show brought to you again by 4minute’s baidu bar (click to enlarge). And as usual, no hotlinking please. Enjoy!

SoHyun probably got in tears when HyunAh revealed her height. Hehe.

Back to happiness.

4minute Comeback Stage!!! S-s-s-sexy Muzik!

Updated 2: I replaced the video with this one from Music Core. This performance basically made this entire post irrelevant. Dammit Music Bank. Fortunately, their Music Core comeback was a lot better, from the performance to the costume and stage design, than the one they did at Music Bank (is it me or do all performers these days give their least effort in their MB performances?). I just thought Ji Yoon took off her shades too early. Other than that, this performance was perfect.

Update: since this was from Music Bank, the video may no longer be available once you click it. Byane-yo.


First, Hyun Ah! She’s insanely scorchin’ lately. And I found out that she just turned 17! Umaygaad! I definitely believe she’s the sexiest female idol below 18 today. She’s become such a temptress in their comeback. And she set the tone with her wicked (FIERCE is so overused right now) rapping in the first part. They went gangsta and pulled it off effortlessly. The all-white outfit was a nice touch. It was a refreshing change from all the black/dark leather costumes among the female groups today.

However, it would have been a lot better if they also included Ji Yoon’s part in For Muzik. I guess they had to do their perf within 4 minutes or something. Hopefully, they’ll include her bit from For Muzik in their subsequent performances, or better yet, do the entire intro, then Muzik. I would have also liked it very much if they showed a close-up of each of the member during For Muzik. The cameraman only focused on Hyun Ah the entire time.


Shaky start for Ji Yoon. I think her herky-jerky dancing is affecting her singing a bit. I also would’ve preferred if she lost the jacket. Show off that sexy body for crying out loud!!! After the MV gave us an overload of Ji Yoon’s oozing sexiness, her perf here left me wanting more. More, Ji Yoon shots I say!

I was surprised that Ji Hyun had as many parts as the Yoon Sisters (Ji Yoon and Ga Yoon). But more surprising was that I think Ga Yoon had the most lines out of the five. Speaking of sisters, what’s up with Ji Hyun’s twin So Hyun? She was like the odd woman out. She already has the fewest lines in the song, so did she really have to do her part in the corner? Poor maknae. She definitely needs to get more camera time.

It was fun watching how the backup dancers suddenly appeared out of nowhere, disappeared, then re-appeared again at the end. Ha! I really liked the systematic chaos in it before coming together in the last part. This got me thinking. If memory serves, with the exception of BEG’s Abracadabra, all the idol groups this year have gone on stage without backup dancers. Backup dancers used to be an essential part of a Kpop performance. Even balladeers had backup dancers. I think this trend of no backups started last year with 10 out of 10, then Gee and Sorry Sorry, all the way to Fire. Is the dancing of the current crop of  idols so good that backup dancers have become unnecessary today? Or are companies just cross-cutting? Discuss.

I’m also digging the d-d-d-d-dancing music part a lot. The choreo kinda reminds me of the rap part of Mirotic. It’s as catchy as the song itself. I almost forgot, but did you see Hyun Ah’s legs? W0Ot! She should definitely do Abracadabra in Ga-in’s outfit at least once. But I think Hyun Ah’s rap part might have looked less awkward if she had a mic in her hand instead.

Overall, I was satisfied with their comeback stage. I was worried that Cube might have rushed the girls (again?) with their comeback but I think they did well. After the Muzik MV came out, I couldn’t wait to see them perform it live. Now, I’m very curious on what adjustments they’ll do for their next perf. Considering she “debuted” her eyes here already, is Ji Yoon going to lose the glasses for good next time? What outfits will they be wearing next time (please no jacket for Ji Yoon)? Next time, will Hyun Ah wear the wig and do the chair dance? Will they perform For Muzik again? And if they do, will they do a longer version with some Ji Yoon in it? Is somebody going to do the split next time? Who will be collaborating with 4minute this time? Will it be 2PM/2AM appearing as the backups next time? Will they put the car in their background next time?

Aigoo…so many questions, so many possibilities. When’s their next performance? I might be slightly disappointed if they don’t shake things up a bit later on. Cube has lots of options to keep 4minute’s Muzik perfs fresh throughout its run, and I have faith that they won’t screw it up. Also, I hope that the camera people/director get the shots right next time. I was borderline nauseous after watching 4minute’s perf. The spiraling shots were too fast and the “creative” angles were out of place. Keep it simple next time, ok?

Anyway, congrats to 4minute for a successful comeback. Yeah. The Queen has definitely, ehem, come.